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Enrollment Process

Enrollment Process

Olympia Community School employs a 5 step Enrollment Process.
Follow these steps to learn more about our program and secure a spot for your student at OCS.


Tour the school or attend an open house

We welcome all prospective families to visit the school. This offers families a deeper understanding of our philosophy and teaching approaches.


To arrange a tour or sign up for an open house, contact the Enrollment Coordinator by calling (360) 866-8047 or by email.


Apply for Admission

   To apply for admission, please submit the following paperwork along with a non-refundable $25 application fee:


Attend a kindergarten preview or schedule a school visit

This step allows our teachers to start building connections with potential students and offers families a glimpse into what being a student at Olympia Community School looks like.


Introduction to the OCS Community

At this point in the enrollment process, we discuss the goals of both your family and those of OCS. You will meet with the Enrollment Coordinator and fellow families who are also applying and acquire any additional information. Following the introduction, you will be told the date by which we expect to notify applicants of admissions decisions. We will check references with your child’s former schools and notify you as soon as possible about your admissions decision.


Accept an offer of admission and reserve placement

Upon acceptance, submit a copy of the Enrollment Contract with the $250 registration fee. This fee “holds your child’s spot” in the class.

Please visit the OCS Enrollment Portal for additional paperwork and information on next steps! 

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

We are a non-profit organization, and our tuition goes directly to operating costs, including equitable and competitive salary for our teachers.


The tuition for the 2024-2025 school year is $12,225. We also offer a 15% discount for additional siblings.


There is a $250 registration fee to hold your child’s spot and guarantee them a space.

We also have a once yearly $250 fee that covers supplies including field trips, yearbooks, class shirts, and other community items.


Kid’s Club

Financial Assistance

Tuition Assistance

We are committed to making OCS accessible to qualified students regardless of their financial circumstances. There are a limited number of needs-based reduced tuition spots each year* at OCS. These spots are awarded based on the family’s need and ability to pay.

Our confidential tuition reduction procedures are established by the Board of Trustees and ensures that each family is subject to the same guidelines and procedures. OCS uses a 3rd party provider, School & Student Services (SSS) to help determine the contribution a family can make towards educational expenses. 

*Note: This process must be completed each year. The school’s financial aid procedures prioritize returning students.


Reduced Tuition Parent Jobs

As a parent run school, volunteers are the foundation we are built upon. A select number of volunteers are essential in maintaining operations and carrying out basic functions of the school. These tasks require a significant time commitment, much more than our typical 45-hour annual obligation from families.

As such, certain parent jobs offer a tuition reduction that is consistent with the time spent performing them.

Please contact the Enrollment Coordinator for more information by calling (360) 866-8047, by filling out this contact form, or reach out to us by email.

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