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Olympia Community School runs on a philosophy of self-governance. Our Board of Directors, composed of current family members, is responsible for the development & implementation of our strategic goals. 


Our broader parent community is tasked with supporting the OCS teachers & staff by fulfilling operational functions.

These functions include what it takes for a school to operate successfully, such as transportation, paperwork, cleaning & maintenance, ordering supplies, communication, and other functions.


This community-based (parent run) framework provides families a unique opportunity to be involved with their children’s education. It also keep tuition affordable and fosters relationships between our families.

The OCS Community

OCS parents have through the years shared a vision of a school that is both a safe haven for children and a place that is intimately connected to the environment, local communities, the south Puget Sound region and the world. We constantly look to our parent community, and the activities and interests of our Olympia neighbors, to find ways to connect our school to greater opportunities as we work to build and sustain a just society.

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