2018-19 School Year:

Regular Tuition: $9,500

Sibling Tuition: $8,075 tuition for additional children in the same family (85% of regular tuition)

Reduced Tuition

Needs-Based Reduced Tuition

There are a limited number of needs-based reduced tuition spots each year at OCS and they are awarded based on the family’s need and ability to pay. If your family is in need of reduced tuition, please indicate your interest on your admission application and our enrollment coordinator will follow up to discuss the application process with you.

Reduced Tuition Application

Parent Jobs

There are four parent job positions at OCS that provide reduced tuition in exchange for performing specific work for the school, these include Enrollment Coordinator, Operations Coordinator, Lunch Monitor Coordinator, and Volunteer Coordinator. These jobs are awarded first to returning families and are then advertised to new families.

Contact the Enrollment Coordinator for more information.

Tuition Payments

Tuition is paid through your choice of three tuition plans:

  • Paid over 10 months; June and August-April. No payments in July or May.
  • Paid over 12 months; June-May.
  • Paid in full by first month of school with 3% discount.